The Shadow Garden Allen Houston


Published: October 28th 2013

Kindle Edition

372 pages


The Shadow Garden  by  Allen Houston

The Shadow Garden by Allen Houston
October 28th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 372 pages | ISBN: | 7.21 Mb

Precocious Lily Blackwood carries a responsibility far greater than other people. As the last female Blackwood, she must keep the evils in Pandora’s Box from destroying the world.With the help of her younger brother Silas, the dusk riders and her best friend Cassandra, she must protect Nightfall Gardens and ensure that the fairy-tale monsters, old gods and deathly shades stay separated from humanity.But now, the creatures bound to the Gardens are gaining strength and threatening to break loose.

Bemisch, a malevolent witch, has escaped into the mist land to join forces with Eldritch, a powerful nature god. The mysterious Smiling Ladies hold the key to a dark secret from the Blackwood family’s past, and something once again roams the halls of the manor, trying to kill Lily.Worse yet, her fourteenth birthday is approaching and with it a dangerous rite of passage. Lily must enter the Shadow Garden, home of all that is nightmarish, and come face to face with her most terrifying threat yet.

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